How to Insert GIF Animations Into Outlook Email

By Techwalla Contributor

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format that allows up to 256 colors. You can insert a GIF animation within an email created in Microsoft Outlook. The process is relatively easy.

Step 1

Find a free GIF animated image file to insert into your emails. Sort through your findings and when you find one you would like to use right-click on the picture and select "Save picture as." In the Save As type box, verify that the image is saved in the GIF format.

Step 2

Choose a file name or let it default with the given name. Make note of the folder the image is being saved in. Click "Save."

Step 3

Launch Microsoft Outlook.

Step 4

From the "File" menu, select "New" to compose a new email.

Step 5

Click into the body of the email.

Step 6

From the "Insert" menu, select "Picture" and "From file." Search for the image that you chose to download and double-click the image. This will load the image into the body of your email.

Step 7

Complete your email by adding your text message and sending to the recipient. Note that you won't see the animation in effect during the Send process, but if you go into your Sent folder and view the email there you will see the full effect.