How to Insert Shapes & Arrows in Microsoft Paint

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Microsoft Paint is well-suited to small graphic design projects and image editing jobs. Paint is a basic program that is convenient to use and it won't take you much time to master all its available tools and commands if you use it regularly -- even if you have never used graphic design software before. With a little practice, you will soon get to grips with inserting shapes and arrows in a Microsoft Paint image.


Step 1

Click the "Home" tab on the MS Paint menu ribbon and then select "Shapes."

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Step 2

Click the ready-made shape that you want to insert into your image from the drop-down menu under "Shapes." Available shapes include arrows, circles, ovals, lines, curves, hearts, lightning bolts and many others.


Step 3

Position the pointer on your Microsoft Paint image where you would like to insert your ready-made shape. Drag the pointer to draw the shape to the desired size. Insert a shape with equal sides by holding the "Shift" key as you drag the pointer.


Step 4

Edit your shape's outline by selecting your shape. In the "Shapes" group, click "Outline" or "no outline" to add or remove an outline. Click "Size" to adjust the outline size.


Step 5

Change the shape's color by selecting the shape and clicking the "Colors" group. Click "Color 1" to select a color for the shape's outline. Click "Color 2" to select a color for the interior of the shape.




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