How to Install a PCI Simple Communications Controller

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Your computer has PCI slots to accommodate PCI devices such as graphics cards, network adapters and internal modems. These devices need a driver that controls their activities with the computer. The driver needs to be installed before the device can start properly working. Whenever the computer detects that one of your PCI devices does not have a corresponding driver installed, an error appears in the "Device Manager" window, which tells you to install a "PCI Simple Communications Controller."


Step 1

Determine which among your PCI devices is causing the problem. Click "Start." Type "device" in the search box provided and hit Enter. Select "Device Manager" under the "Control Panel" group.

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Step 2

Click the arrow beside "Other devices" and right-click "PCI Simple Communications Controller." Select "Properties" and click the "Details" tab.


Step 3

Take note of the entry in the "Details" tab. The entry should be something like "PCI\VEN_1093&DEV_70B8." This indicates the vendor (VEN) and device ID (DEV) of the PCI device. Take note of these values because you will need them to search for the driver that the computer needs.


Step 4

Open a Web browser and navigate to to match the vendor and device details, and find out which PCI device is malfunctioning in your computer. Once you know which device is malfunctioning, use the installation disc that comes with the device to install the driver to the computer. If you do not have a copy of the PCI device driver, search for the driver online (see Resources).