How to Install a Viewsonic Monitor

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Installing a ViewSonic monitor can enhance the multimedia experience of a computer owner. These monitors are easy and quick to install. Regardless of whether your ViewSonic monitor is 15 or 30 inches, installation only takes a few minutes.

Step 1

Determine which video data connection type you want to use: D-sub, DVI or HDMI.


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Step 2

Connect the appropriate data cable type to the back of the monitor. Only one end of the data cable will fit into the monitor output connector.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the data cable to your computer's graphics output connector. If there is more than one video output on your graphics solution, use the top left-most connector.


Step 4

Connect your ViewSonic's electrical cord to the back of the monitor. This connector is also keyed and only fits one end of the power cable.


Step 5

Plug in the alternate end of the ViewSonic's electrical cable to an appropriately rated electrical outlet--preferably an outlet in a surge protector to protect your monitor from power surges.

Step 6

Power on your PC and monitor to ensure that the connections are in fact secure and the monitor is working correctly.



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