How to Install Auto-Tune to Adobe Audition

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Adobe Audition audio-production software lets you create and edit tracks for use in sound and video projects, from podcasts to home movies. The "Effects" feature in Adobe Audition offers a selection of sound manipulation tools. The suite of effects is limited when you first install the program but you can add third-party VST plugins to extend this functionality. Install the Auto-Tune plugin to add the "T-Pain effect" to your audio vocals.


Step 1

Download the version of Auto-Tune you want from the Antares Auto-Tune and vocals processing website.

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Step 2

Ensure that Adobe Audition is closed. Move the mouse over the task bar to reveal running applications. If you see the Adobe Audition program, click it and then click on the "X" in the top corner of the window.


Step 3

Double-click on the Auto-Tune EXE file. This initiates the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4

Double-click the "Computer" icon on your desktop or for Windows 8 computers, click the "File Explorer" button on the desktop task bar. Click "C:" followed by "Program Files" and then "VSTPlugins." This is where the DLL file for Auto-Tunes is located after running the EXE file. Verify that the Auto-Tunes file is here.



Step 5

Launch Adobe Audition. Click "Effects" and then select "Refresh Effects Lists." A pop-up box will display the VST plug-ins installed on your computer. By default, Auto-Tunes is checked. If it isn't, check the box next to Auto-Tunes and then click "OK."

Step 6

Click the "Multi-track" button in the upper-left side of the window and then select the "FX" button on the "Track Controls" palette. Click the effects selection drop-down box and select "VST," then click Auto-Tunes to launch the plug-in.

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