How to Install Setup.EXE

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There are thousands of available computer software programs out there, but most programs that are going to be installed on a Microsoft Windows-based computer are installed in the exact same way. Setup.exe is normally the install file that, when accessed, will launch the installation wizard and begin the program's setup.


Step 1

Insert the installation disk of the the program you want to install, or download the software from the website.

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Step 2

Open the the folder that contains all the program's information, including the setup.exe file. In a download, it will be in one of three places. Either as a desktop icon, in a pop-up window called "Downloads" or in the "Downloads" folder, which is found in "My Documents." To open a CD, you must open "My Computer," then right-click the CD icon and click "Open." This will reveal all the files and folders contained in the CD.



Step 3

Scroll through until you find setup.exe. It will most likely be in alphabetical order.

Step 4

Double-click the setup.exe file. Once you do this, the computer will take a moment and the installation wizard will load. Follow the prompts to the wizard and this will complete the installation of setup.exe and its program.




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