How to Invite Friends to a Wedding via Email

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Whether you want to plan a green wedding or wish to cut costs, sending a wedding invitation to friends via email is acceptable etiquette. The email can have a formal quality, just as if it was printed and mailed traditionally. Picking out wedding invitations doesn't have to be less formal than traditional invitation shopping, either. The biggest difference is that you will design an invitation on your computer or meet with a designer who will make it for you.


Step 1

Create a wedding invitation using Adobe Photoshop. Use the tools to create a border. Select a font just like you would if printing cards to mail to people. Save the invitation as a JPG. If you do not have Photoshop talent, hire a graphic designer to make the invitation for you.

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Step 2

Log into your email account and open a new email message. Type the address in the BCC line. This will hide addresses from recipients. It will protect the privacy of your guests and will look more personal on the email.


Step 3

Write a subject line, such as "Join us for Michelle and Jim's Big Day!" Type a message in the body of the email explaining the attachment, so everyone will know it is safe to download. Click "Attach" and choose the invite from the drop-down menu. Wait for the file to attach and send the invite.




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