How to Keep Online Video from Pausing or Buffering You Tube and Others

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Videos from YouTube and other video stream sites pause and buffer videos because they are playing faster than they download. When this happens, you get a delay when watching a video. The delay can be seconds up to minutes. Bypass this buffering and keep the videos playing smoothly.


Step 1

Pause the video. When the video begins to play, immediately pause it.

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Step 2

Wait for the status bar to indicate that the video transfer is complete, or the download is complete. In YouTube, this is indicated when the status bar in the video player has been completely filled, left to right, with the color red.


Step 3

Play the video. When the status bar indicates the video transfer or download is complete, resume playing the video using the controls on the video player.


Step 4

Avoid waiting for the video. If you will be looking at multiple videos, there is a way to minimize your waiting time. Open several tabs within your Internet browser. In each browser tab, navigate to the desired video. Follow the pause and wait process for each tab and video. While one tab/video is loading, you can watch one that has already completed the transfer process.


Opening multiple tabs will slow the transfer time of all videos. However, depending on your computer and Internet speed, you may not notice a delay.



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