How to Kill the Red Screen Spyware Virus

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Having protection from spyware, adware and viruses is an essential thing for PC users, due to the number of threats that are out there. While most anti-spyware programs are legitimate and protect the computer, some do not. These programs are known as rogue anti-spyware programs and are known for telling users that they have a virus when they really do not. The red screen spyware virus, also known as Spyware Soldier, is one such rogue program. Removal of this nuisance is made significantly easier by use of the free SmitFraudFix program.


Step 1

Download SmitFraudFix using the link in the Resources section of this article. Save it to your Desktop. Double-click "" and extract it to your Desktop.

Step 2

Reboot your computer by going to "Start > Shutdown > Restart".


Step 3

Boot into "Safe Mode" by pressing the "F8" key repeatedly at the first screen after rebooting the computer. Select "Safe Mode" from the menu of options that appears and press the "Enter" key.

Step 4

Log-on as your username in "Safe Mode".


Step 5

Double-click the "SmitfraudFix" folder on your Desktop. Then double-click the "smitfraudfix.cmd" file to open SmitFraudFix.

Step 6

Type "2" and then press "Enter". The tool will begin scanning for and removing all instances of the red screen spyware virus.


Step 7

Type "Y" and then press "Enter" to begin cleaning the Registry. This helps to ensure that the red screen spyware virus cannot re-install itself on the computer by use of the registry.

Step 8

Reboot your computer into normal Windows mode by going to "Start > Shutdown > Restart". The red screen spyware virus has been successfully removed from the computer.


Install a good anti-spyware program to prevent re-infection. One of the easiest ways to get re-infected with spyware is to use no protection against it at all. You can visit the second link in the "Resources" section to download and install a good anti-spyware program.