How to Leave a Blank Post on 4Chan

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4Chan is an image-based online message board where users can share images, comment and reply using images or text. 4Chan is divided into boards consisting of different topics and each board contains threads created by users. Board topics are mostly related to Japanese anime and manga. If you want to create a blank post in a thread, you can do so by inserting a special character into the "post" field, called a "soft hyphen." You can create a soft hyphen by using an Alt character code.


Step 1

Launch your browser and navigate to the 4Chan website.

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Step 2

Click to select a board from the "Boards" list.

Step 3

Click to select the "[Reply]" link next to the first post of a thread.


Step 4

Type your name in the "Name" field or leave blank to post anonymously.

Step 5

Type your email address in the "E-mail" field, or type "noko" to skip the field and return to the thread after posting.


Step 6

Click to place your text cursor in the "Comment" field.

Step 7

Press and hold the "Alt" key on your keyboard, then type "0173" using the keys in the number pad (not the row of numbers above the letter keys). Release the "Alt" key to complete the Alt code for a "soft hyphen." Soft hyphens are a character used to tell your Web browser where to break apart long words when the text must wrap onto another line. It does not appear as a character, even a blank space, when inputted into a text field, but the text field reacts and processes the same as if it has a character inputted.


Step 8

Type the verification text displayed in the image in the "Verification" text field.

Step 9

Press the "Submit" button to submit your blank post.