How to Link My Student Email With My Gmail Account

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Gmail is Google's free email service that combines Google's search technology with traditional email. By signing up for a Gmail account, your email address will have as its domain name, for example, With Gmail, you can link an external email address, for example, your student email address, to your Gmail account. The benefits of linking your student email include using Gmail as a POP client to import your student email and consolidating your email accounts in one place, and sending email within Gmail with your student email address as the sender.


Step 1

Sign into Gmail at

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Step 2

Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, next to your Gmail address.

Step 3

Select "Accounts." In the "Send mail as" section, click "Add another email address you own." A new window displays.


Step 4

Type in your student name in the "Name" text box and your student email address in the "Email address" text box. Click "Next Step."

Step 5

Click on the "Send through Gmail" radio button option, to enable sending email within Gmail using your student email address as the sender. Click "Next Step."



Step 6

Click "Send Verification" to verify to Google that you own your student email address. Google will send a verification email to this address. Click "Cancel" to abort the process or "Back" to return to the previous page.

Step 7

Sign into your student email account on a different browser window. Look for the verification email. Click on the link inside the email to verify your student email address. Your student email account is now linked to your Gmail account.

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