How to List My Phone Number in the Phone Book

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Some phone numbers are listed in the phone book automatically when you sign up for phone service. For others, you may need to make a call, fill out an online form or even pay a fee for an ad in the business and advertising section of a directory, typically printed on yellow paper.

Step 1

Sign up for an account with an established phone service provider. Business and residential phone customers have their name and number listed in the phone book's white pages automatically unless they request an unlisted number. If you are concerned with your listing in the phone book, make sure the information you provide the phone provider is accurate. VoIP services such as Vonage are not listed automatically, nor are cell phone numbers. Use strategies in Step 4 if you want a VoIP or cell phone number listed.


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Step 2

Order a business phone line. Most business phone lines include a listing in the business and advertising section of at least one of the local phone books. Confirm with the provider for details of which directory and what information is included. You can pay extra for such things as a bold name, extra information such as a slogan or a list of services your business provides, a box ad or listings under more than one category.


Step 3

Purchase advertising in other local business directories. Many communities have more than one phone directory that is distributed. Find out which ones are used in your local area. Contact them to find out their rates and number of households that use them.

Step 4

Use an Internet listing service. Visit to add your listing for free. Double-check to see that you were added to the directory, and keep in mind it may take a while depending on publication deadlines. Other options are to visit the websites of the major phone book publishers, such as Superpages, Yellowbook, Dex and TalkingPhoneBook. Look for an option to add or edit your listing and fill out the form with the information. Verify after a period of time to make sure the changes take place.



Step 5

Call your local 411. Ask for the listing for your home or business. If it isn't found, ask the operator how you can have your phone number listed. Follow the instructions the operator gives you.



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