How to Load a Polaroid 300

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Load a new film cartridge into your Polaroid 300 instant camera by opening the film compartment's door at the back of the camera and inserting the cartridge.

Step 1

Turn off the camera by pushing in the lens section.


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Step 2

Pull the tab at the back of the camera to open the door and reveal the film compartment.

Step 3

Open the film's packaging and remove the cartridge from its protective bag.

Step 4

Remove the old cartridge and then insert the new cartridge in the camera's film compartment.



Step 5

Close the film compartment's door until it snaps shut.

Step 6

Turn the camera back on by pulling out the lens section. LED lights around the dial start flashing red while the camera loads the film. Once the Polaroid 300 successfully loads the film and is ready to shoot, a static green LED light appears at the top of the dial.



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