How to Locate Someone Through the US Postal Service

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The US Postal Service allows people search through its website with the White Pages.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently paired up with the White Pages to provide a free online search engine that will allow you to search for a person or business. This search service is helpful if you are trying to locate an old friend or a long lost relative. This service also provides plenty of information about the person, including address and the others living at the same residence. The search can be accessed from the USPS website.


Step 1

Log on to the USPS website ( Click "Service Locator", then in the "People and Business Search" box click "People Search". This will take you to the White Pages search engine.

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Step 2

Enter the last name of the person you want to locate. You can also include a first name and city to narrow the search results.


Step 3

Browse through the search results. The results page will sort them out alphabetically by the first name. Keep clicking through the list to find the possible matches.





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