How to Log In to Blogspot

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Blogger, Google's free blogging platform, is available to anyone who has a Google account. To log in, sign in to your Google account from any Google page or on your blog page.

Signing in on a Google Page

To sign in to your Google account, go to any Google page and click Sign In. Choose your account and click Sign In, or enter your email address and password and click Next.

Click the App icon and choose Blogger from the drop-down menu. Your Blogger Dashboard opens.


You may need to click More in the pop-up to see the Blogger icon.

Signing in on Your Blog Page

To sign in from your blog, click the Sign In link from the top-right corner of the page. You'll be redirected to a Google sign-in page. Choose your account and click Sign In, or enter your email and password and click Next.

You are then signed in and your Blogger Dashboard opens.


When you sign in to Blogger, you are signing in to your Google account. You can then access any of your Google apps.

Signing Out

You automatically stay signed in to your Google account unless you sign out. Some advantages of staying signed in include the ability to update your blog and use any of the Google apps without having to sign in again. Staying signed in poses a security risk, however, if you are on a shared computer, if you leave your device unattended or if it's stolen.

To protect your account from being accessed by other users, sign out of your Google account before you close the Blogger Dashboard or before you close your browser. Click on your profile picture and choose Sign Out.


When you sign out of Blogger, you are signing out of your Google account. To access your blog or any of the Google apps, you will have to sign in again.