How to Mail a Flat Screen TV

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Package your flat screen TV correctly when mailing it.

Incorrectly packaging your TV can lead to a damaged or broken TV during the mailing process. There are specially-made TV boxes that can protect your set from scratches and impact damage.


Step 1

Wrap the TV with bubble wrap from every angle. Make sure the screen is completely covered. Use as much bubble wrap as you can while making sure the TV will still fit into the box. The more bubble wrap you use, the more shock will be absorbed during the shipping process.

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Step 2

Stand the flat-screen moving box up and open the top. Lift the TV and position it over the box. Lower the TV into the box and gently set it down. Place all the accessories in a bag together, tape the bag shut and put the bag in the box. Close the box and seal it shut with movers tape.


Step 3

Take the TV to the post office to mail it. The postal workers will weigh the TV, tell you how to label the package, explain the various mailing options and apply all the necessary postage for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat-screen moving box

  • Bubble wrap

  • Bag

  • Movers tape