How to Make a DVD Audio With Nero

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A DVD Audio disc is exactly what you would expect based on its name--it is a DVD that contains audio information, like songs. Because of the higher storage capacity of a DVD, DVD Audio discs enable you to store more songs at a higher quality than if you were using a regular CD. DVD Audio discs can be played in computers or in specialized DVD Audio players. Nero Burning ROM allows you to burn DVD Audio discs using a compatible burner.


Step 1

Open Nero Burning ROM via the "Nero" folder in your "Start" menu. Nero Burning ROM will load and the "New Compilation" wizard will be the first thing you see on screen.

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Step 2

Click "Audio DVD" from the "New Compilation" wizard. Click "New" to open a new blank Audio DVD window on screen.


Step 3

Drag the audio files you plan on adding to your disc into the Audio DVD window on screen.


Step 4

Put a blank DVD in the DVD burner that is attached to your computer.

Step 5

Click "Burn" in Nero Burning ROM to create your DVD Audio disc.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD Burner

  • DVD



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