How to Make a Frog Text Emoticon

By Celesta Letchworth

An emoticon is a popular way to express an emotion in a text message or Facebook post. The sender uses the letters and symbols on the keyboard to form the emoticon. The first emoticon used a colon followed by a hyphen and right parenthesis, which when viewed sideways looked like a smiley face :-). Now "smileys" have evolved to various facial expressions, celebrities, flowers and animals. There are two variations of frog emoticons: the passive frog and the frog catching a fly.

Create a Passive Frog

Step 1

Type the number "8" to represent the frog's eyes:8

Step 2

Enter a "right parenthesis" to create his chin:)

Step 3

Check to make sure your frog looks like this:8)

Create a Frog Catching a Fly

Step 1

Type the number "8" to give your frog big eyes:8

Step 2

Add a "right parenthesis." It should look like this:8)

Step 3

Type two "tildes" to create your frog's tongue The tilde is usually located to the left of the exclamation point on a computer keyboard. Now your frog should look like this:8)~~

Step 4

Type an asterisk to add the fly. Your completed emoticon should look like this:8)~~*

Tips & Warnings

  • The frog emoticons are "sideways" emoticons. You can imagine the images better when you tilt your head sideways.