How to Make a Home Stereo Louder

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There are many options when fashioning a home stereo system. In many ways, the only limitation in creating the system of your dreams is your available space. When striving to make your home stereo system louder, there are a few ways to go about achieving extra volume. You can have a technician from a home audio retailer perform upgrades to your home system, or you can transform your stereo into a powerful system yourself and save the cost of labor.


Step 1

Add speakers. Your receiver can handle many groups of speakers. Adding speakers will increase the volume with little loss because of splitting the signal into more parts.. Connect the speakers to your receiver using speaker wire.

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Step 2

Replace your speakers. When upgrading, choose speakers that offer greater output. Most times, more sound is simply achieved by bigger speakers. Choose speakers with more sub-groups. A two-way speaker has within it a smaller speaker and a larger one; by switching to a three-way speaker, you will be able to increase the output and provide a fuller, more accurate sound.


Step 3

Add an amplifier to your system. By adding an amplifier, you are increasing the signal sent to your speakers. Connect the amplifier to your receiver with RCA patch cables. Your speakers should be connected directly to your amplifier by speaker wire for a louder, more powerful sound.

Step 4

Install an equalizer to your stereo receiver. An equalizer will enable you to dictate the levels of sound. By isolating sound, you can raise the level of high tones, lower the lower signals and achieve more volume. This is a compromise. An equalizer alone will not enable you to experience increase volume throughout the sonic spectrum. The equalizer can be connected to your receiver or tuner via patch cables.



Step 5

Use premium wires and cables. By using higher-end cables and speaker wires, the connections to your components will be truer, with less loss of signal, creating the best and loudest sound. Some cables and wires use materials that conduct the signals better, which transfers the signal more completely. By passing on more of the signal, you can achieve the loudest output possible with your system. An example are the gold-tipped "Monster" patch cables.




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