How to Make a PDF File of Pictures

PDF is a common, reliable document format. Among its advantages are ease of use; free, public availability of reader software; and versatility with the compilation of multiple files. Converting to a PDF file preserves documents and images for the long term and allows the document to easily be sent to friends, family and colleagues.

Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Pro

Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat. Find the images you wish to create into a PDF file. Place these images into one folder that can easily be accessed.

Step 2

Select all the images that are to be made into a PDF. Either hold down the "Ctrl" key and select one image at a time, or drag the cursor to select all images at once.

Step 3

Right-click and choose "Combine Supported Files in Acrobat."

Step 4

Choose the file size from the bottom-right selections. If you wish to keep the images how they are, without compression, choose the largest file size.

Step 5

Click "Combine Files." Choose where to save the document and name it. The images are now combined into a PDF file and saved in the location chosen.

Microsoft Word

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and work inside a new document. Or, click the "Office Button" > "Open" and browse to the document in which you want to insert images.

Step 2

Click "Insert." Find the "Illustrations" box and click "Picture." Browse to and select the photo or photos you want to insert, then hit "Insert." This can also be accomplished by dragging and dropping the images into the Word document.

Step 3

Put the images in the order you desire, then click "Office Button" > "Save As" for a previously named file. Click "Office Button" > "Save" or "Ctrl" + "S" to save a new file.

Step 4

Under the "Save as type" drop-down box, choose "PDF." Name the file, choose its destination, then hit "Save." This will convert the document to a PDF file and open it with the software you have chosen to read PDFs.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Pro

  • Microsoft Word


As of April 2010, version 9.0 of Adobe Acrobat Pro cost about $450, or $150 to upgrade from an earlier version.
The free Adobe Reader comes bundled with 60 percent of all PDFs, according to Adobe, the creator of PDF. Several free alternatives to Adobe Reader are available on the Web.