How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Word

By Carol Finch

Learn how to insert a pie chart in Word. Find out how to edit a default chart design to change its format and layout.

Word's Chart tool has several types of chart design, including pie charts. Default charts come with a connected worksheet, ready for you to insert or copy the data that creates the layout of the chart. Once you've added data, use editing tools to change the chart's format, style and color to get it looking just right.

Step 1

Select the Insert tab and then the Chart button.

Select Pie to choose a design.

Select Pie from the menu bar. Choose a design and select OK to insert the template in the document.


  • To change the pie chart design at any time, select the Change Chart Type button on the Design tab.
  • To change the size of the chart, select it and drag a corner out to make it bigger or in to reduce its size.

Step 2

When you choose a pie chart, an Excel datasheet with sample data opens under the chart. You need to replace this data with your own.

Replace the sample data with your own figures.

Enter or copy your own data in the sheet. Replace the column title with the name of your chart and the row titles with your data labels. When you've added all the data, close the sheet by selecting the X on the corner.


  • If you add or remove rows, Word should incorporate thechanges in the chart and update its design automatically. If your data appears outside the selection, drag the data box over it.
  • To reopen the data worksheet at any point, right-click the chart in Word and select Edit Data.

Step 3

To change the chart's layout, format or design, select the chart to open four quick format tools at its side.

Use layout options to arrange the chart on the page.

Select Layout Options to change the way the chart sits in surrounding text or to fix its position on the page.

Use Chart Elements to display or hide labels.

Select Chart Elements to show or hide the chart's title, data labels or legend.

Use Style and color to change the chart's design and color palette.

Select the Style and Color paintbrush to change the chart's style or color scheme. Select Style to apply a new design to the chart and Color to change its colors.

Use Values if you want to remove data from the pie chart.

Select Chart Filters to hide any of the categories in the pie chart by unchecking their boxes and selecting Apply.


  • To access a full range of editing and effects options for the chart and its surrounding box, select the chart and then open Format Chart Area. Use the Chart Options drop-down menu to choose the area of the chart you want to work on and use the formatting tools to make changes.
  • You can also edit the chart from the Design tab. For example, use the Add Chart Element button to control the title, data labels or legend. The Quick Layout or Chart Styles buttons change styles, and the Change Colors button edits the color scheme.
  • Pull parts of the chart apart to add emphasis or use pie of pie or bar of pie options to add a secondary chart focusing on data from one slice of the pie chart.

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