How to Make a Restricted Phone Call

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You can place a restricted phone call.

If you have to call someone you don't like, or someone you don't want to have your phone number, you can make a restricted phone call. With a restriction, your call goes through, but the other party cannot see who is calling in caller ID. Using this feature at the right time will help you avoid the costly and complicated process of having to change your phone number in the future.


Step 1

Initiate your call. Press 67. The 67 code is called a "call display block." It hides your phone number from other parties.

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Step 2

Dial the phone number as usual. When the call goes through, the other party will see your call come up as "private."


Step 3

On your cellphone, go to "Settings" and then "Call Settings" (or similar). If you see an option for making all of your outbound calls private, select that option.

Step 4

Call your cellphone service provider and ask to set a call restriction on your line. With this restriction, every outbound call you make will come up as "private" or "unavailable" on the other person's phone.


If you need to unblock your phone from restriction for a one-time call after setting it up for private outbound calls, press *82 before the phone number you are calling. Your phone number will be displayed on the caller ID of the other party for this call only. If you are very private about your phone number, but still need to give out your contact information from time to time, get a cheap 888 number instead.


Many people will not pick up the phone when they see "private" flash across the screen or caller ID because they assume it is a telemarketer or bill collector. If you really need to get through to the other party urgently, you should reveal your phone number.