How to Make a TELUS International Call

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TELUS customers can make international calls from their touch tone phone.

TELUS is a Canadian company the provides telephone, cable TV and high speed internet service. TELUS offers international long distance calling for their phone customers. Every country has a unique country code. Similarly, every city within a country has a unique city code. When making an international call, you must dial the country code and city code before dialing the phone number.


Step 1

Find the country code and city code for the number you are calling. Long distance calls between the U.S. and Canada do not require you to dial a country or city code.

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Step 2

Dial "011." You must dial this code anytime you are calling outside of the country, except for calls between Canada and the U.S.


Step 3

Dial the country code for the country you are calling.

Step 4

Dial the city code for the city you are calling.

Step 5

Dial the phone number.


International calls are more expensive than local or regular long distance calls. Check with TELUS for exact rates.


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