How to Make an Announcement on Facebook

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The icon to the left of the "Share" button lets you decide who can see your announcement.

One the main reasons many people keep a Facebook account is to update their friends and family. Creating announcements on the site is very easy -- announcements can be made and posted in just a few minutes or less. Shorter announcements are more appropriate in the form of a status update, while longer announcements can be added in the form of a note, which is similar to a blog post.


Step 1

Sign in to your Facebook account and click inside the "What's on your mind?" field just above the home page news feed.

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Step 2

Type your announcement into the field. Click on the icon in the bottom left corner of your update that has the outline of a person with a "+" next to it if you want to add friends to your update. Enter the name of a friend in the "Who are you with?" field that appears to tag her in your announcement; your friend will receive a copy of what you write on your profile wall.


Step 3

Click the upside-down tear drop icon to add a location to your announcement. Type the name of a business or other location in the "Where are you?" field and click on the correct location from the list provided by Facebook. If you don't see the right location, click on "Just use [Entry]" link.



Step 4

Click the blue "Share" button. The update will appear on your own profile wall, as well as in the news feed of people on your friend list.




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