How to Make Caller ID Work on a VTech Cordless

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VTech cordless phones come equipped with a caller ID device.

Caller ID, an advanced telephone service feature, lets you see the name and number of an incoming phone call before you answer the call. Caller ID service is not available in all areas, and not all telephone service providers offer the feature. VTech cordless phones are equipped with a built-in caller ID decoding device/display. The device also lets you see the incoming caller's information even if you are in the middle of a call. Before you can use your VTech cordless phone's caller ID device, it must be activated.


Step 1

Contact your telephone service provider and speak to a customer service representative about ordering the caller ID service.

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Step 2

Decide if you want to subscribe to a bundle service if you can't order caller ID service as a standalone product.


Step 3

Write down on a piece of paper the date the caller ID service will be active. If the customer service representative gives you a confirmation number, write it on the paper for future reference.

Step 4

Look at your VTech cordless phone's caller ID display after the first or second ring to see who is calling after the caller ID service is active. You will see the name and number of the person calling if the number is not blocked. If it is blocked, then it may display "Unavailable" or "Blocked."


Step 5

Press the "CID" on your phone's keypad when you are not in the middle of a call to view the caller ID's missed-call log.



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