How to Make Calls With Suspended Cell Service

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A suspended cell phone account can be a major problem.

With an increasing number of people who have dropped their landlines, a cell phone account under suspension may be a source of personal and professional difficulties. If you need to keep in touch with others, find an alternative way of calling as soon as possible. Options exist that allow you to find another carrier for your cell phone or bypass it altogether via the Internet.


Step 1

Find out the reason for suspension. If your service was suspended because of non-payment, pay the bill as quickly as possible. Some carriers continue to bill you monthly during suspension of service. Further, non-payment may have a negative impact on your credit rating. If your service was shut off due to a lost or stolen phone, wait for a replacement phone and proceed to Step 2 until it arrives.


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Step 2

Purchase landline service, if you don't have it already. Though not as versatile as mobile phones, some landline carriers offer much better rates on long-distance and international calls.

Step 3

Sign up for service with a Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, such as Skype or Google Voice. Using a headset, these services will allow you to make calls over the Internet at little or no cost.


Step 4

Switch to another carrier. In the event a carrier has suspended your service without any hope of reinstatement, this may be the best option. For instance, cell phone users who fail to switch off their "data roaming" feature during vacations in Europe can unwittingly incur Internet usage bills in the thousands. In this case, you may need to replace your SIM card, your cell phone, or both. If your service is unpaid with another carrier and shut off, your phone number cannot be transferred to a new carrier.




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