How to Make My Home Page

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How to Make My Home Page
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If you use Charter for your home or business Internet service provider, you might want to make the Charter home page your browser home page. The Charter home page allows you to access you Charter email account if you have one, access billing information for your Charter account and stream TV if your account supports it. Keep in mind that since Charter started using the Spectrum brand name, its old home page redirects to the new Spectrum homepage at


Understanding Browser Home Pages

The term "home page" can have two slightly different meanings on the World Wide Web.

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When you hear about a company's home page, it usually means the main page on its website that you can use to navigate to different information and services. It's usually accessible at the company's main domain name with no trailing directory or file name, such as, but if you're not sure where to find a company home page, you can search for the company's name with a search engine such as Google or Bing.


The other meaning of home page is a website that your browser automatically loads when you launch it or when you click a special "Home" button. Many people set their home page to be a site that they frequently use, such as a favorite search engine or email provider. In a business setting, you might set your home page to be your company website. Every modern browser lets you set a home page to open when you start the program.

Setting Your Chrome Home Page

You can set a home page of your choosing on Google Chrome to appear when you click the "Home" button. To do so, click the "More" button in the top right of the browser. It's marked with an icon of three dots stacked vertically.


Under the "Appearance" heading, check the "Show Home Button" option to make sure the home button appears. It will look like a cartoon drawing of a house and will appear on your navigation bar. Then, click the option to use a custom page and enter the URL you want to load, such as

Setting Your Firefox Home Page

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can set a home page to appear when you open the browser or click the "Home" button.


To set it, load the page that you want to use as your home page by navigating to it through a search engine or typing its address, such as, directly into the address bar. Then, click the tab it's in and, holding down your mouse button, drag the tab onto the Home button, which looks like a house and is usually to the left of the address field on your navigation bar.

If you're prompted to confirm you want to set this page as your home page, click "Yes."


Set Microsoft Browser Home Page

If you're using Microsoft Edge and want to specify a home page, click the "Settings and more" button and then click "Settings." Scroll down to the "Set your homepage" section and choose "A specific page" in the dropdown menu. Enter the URL you want, such as, and click "Save."

If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" button and then click "Internet options." Click the "General" tab and, under "Home Page," enter a URL such as If you want to use the site you're already on in your browser, click "Use current" instead. Click "Apply," then click "OK."


The Charter Home Page

Since 2013, Charter has used the Spectrum brand name for its cable and internet services. It has also migrated companies that it's acquired, including Time Warner Cable, to the Spectrum brand.

Its current customer home page is, and you can use this page to access your email, stream TV and access billing information. The previous home page,, redirects to the current Spectrum site.