How to Make My PC Bluetooth Compatible

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Use a Bluetooth dongle to get Bluetooth on your PC.

Most new laptops come with Bluetooth already installed and activated, but if you have an older model or a desktop without Bluetooth, you can easily install it on your own by purchasing a small USB Bluetooth adapter called a "dongle" that can be plugged in to an open port. Once you have Bluetooth on your computer, you can wirelessly share information with other Bluetooth devices such as PDAs, smartphones, printers and other computers.


Step 1

Install the software that came with the Bluetooth dongle. If your Bluetooth adapter came with a CD or DVD disc, insert it into your optical drive. Wait for the autorun to start and click "Install" to start installing the drivers.

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Step 2

Insert the Bluetooth adapter into an open USB slot. If no installation disc came with your adapter, simply plug it into an open slot and let Windows recognize the device and install the needed drivers. If you did begin the installation with a disc, wait to be prompted to plug in the adapter. Follow the on -screen prompts to complete the installation.



Step 3

Pair your computer with a Bluetooth device. Access your Bluetooth settings from the Windows Control Panel, or from a shortcut created if you installed software and drivers from a disc. Make your device discoverable and let Windows search for it. A prompt will appear to ask if you want to pair the devices. Click "Yes."



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