How to Make My TV Cable Longer

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Use the highest quality extension cable to get the best signal strength possible.

When deciding where you want to place your TV, inspect the TV cable length to determine if it will reach. If the TV cable is too short, obtain a TV extension cable that includes the correct connectors to cover the distance gap. Connect a TV extension cable between the existing TV cable and the TV so that you can place the TV where you wish without being limited by cable length.


Step 1

Pull a measuring tape over the area where you intend to extend the TV cable. Note the distance measurement.

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Step 2

Purchase a WF100 extension cable fitted with a male "F" connector at each end. The extension cable must be at least 1 m longer than the distance measured.


Step 3

Connect a threaded "F" barrel coupler onto the "F" connector at the end of the TV cable you wish to extend. Confirm that the "F" barrel coupler connection is tight.

Step 4

Connect an extension cable "F" connector onto the free end of the threaded "F" barrel coupler. Verify that the "F" connector is connected tightly to the threaded "F" barrel coupler.



Step 5

Connect the free end extension cable "F" connector onto the TV female "F" connector.

Step 6

Power up the TV and check all channels. Verify that all channels produce the expected quality audio and video.

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