How to Make Text Bigger in Windows Explorer

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When using Microsoft Windows, it is possible to navigate and view the various files stored on your computer's hard drive. This navigation is possible through the use of Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer is a file manager available on all versions of Windows. It provides a graphical interface to view and modify files. If the default size of the text that appears when using Windows Explorer is too small, you can make the text bigger by adjusting your Windows settings.


Step 1

Click on the "Start" button on the bottom, left-hand side of your screen. When the menu opens, click "Control Panel." Select "Appearance and Personalization," then "Personalization."

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Step 2

Look in the left pane of the pop up box and click on "Adjust Font Size (DPI)."


Step 3

Click the "Larger Scale (120 DPI)" option in the DPI box.


Step 4

Click "Okay" to save and apply the settings.




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