How to Make the Background Transparent in Photoscape

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Photoscape is a free image editing software that allows you to enhance and correct photo imperfections. As an alternative to Adobe PhotoShop, Photoscape allows you to apply special affects to your images, adjust image brightness, add logos and words to your photo, remove moles and red eye. Photoscape does not include a toolbar option to make image backgrounds transparent. However, with a little creativity, you can use other program features to make your image background disappear.


Step 1

Open the Photoscape software program on your computer. Click the "Editor" tab, located at the top of the Photoscape window. All of the images saved on your computer's hard drive appears.

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Step 2

Left-click the image for which you want to create a transparent background. This opens the image for editing inside the Photoscape window.


Step 3

Click the "Tools" tab, located underneath the photo.

Step 4

Click "Paint Brush." Above the Paint Brush option appears different tip sizes for your brush. Choose the thinnest tip (far left).


Step 5

Click the color block to choose a color for your paint brush. Select "White." If you intend to use the image on a website, choose the color that represents your website background. For instance, if your Web page is black, choose black from the color block. By doing so, your image appears transparent on your Web page.


Step 6

Drag your mouse along the outline of the object you want to keep in your picture. To ensure a neat outline, use slow mouse movements. When finished, your entire forefront image should be outlined. If you make a mistake, click the "Undo" button.


Step 7

Click the widest paint brush tip (far right). Use your mouse to drag the paint brush tip over the background of the picture. As you drag your mouse over the background, you are painting over the image background. This action resembles an eraser effect, erasing the background away. When finished, the only part of the image remaining is the forefront image you want to keep.


Step 8

Click the "Save" button to save your edited image. Be sure to save the image under a new file name, so as not to overwrite your original image file.




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