How to Make the TM Symbol

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The copyright, registered trademark and trademark symbols
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Your computer can make thousands of special text characters beyond those you see on the keyboard including the trademark symbol. You can include the TM symbol following a business or product name in your writing to indicate a claim to the trademark. You do not have to register for a trademark to be able to use the TM symbol. Federally registered trademarks are indicated by the circled-R symbol.


Making the TM Symbol

You can use either the keyboard shortcut or the Character Map to place the TM character in text. To create the TM character in a text field or program, hold the "Alt" key and press the numbers "0-1-5-3" in sequence. For a registered trademark, hold the "Alt" key" and press the numbers "0-1-7-4" in sequence. If memorizing number sequences isn't your thing, you can copy the symbol from the Character Map. The Character Map is a Windows program that lists special characters you can copy into text by selecting the character in the map, clicking "Select" and choosing "Copy." You can find the Character Map by searching for "Character Map" in the charms search menu.


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Encoding for Online

Text entry fields on websites that use HTML do not support the Character Map or keyboard shortcut versions of the TM symbol. Instead, use -- without quotation marks -- the character sequences "™" or "™" for the TM symbol and "®" or "®" for the registered trademark symbol.