How to Make Tithes & Offerings Records With Excel

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Maintain an electronic record of your tithes and offerings.

It is a tradition in many religions to donate a percentage of your income to the church as a tithe. Tithes help to keep a church running and provide vital funding for services that benefit the community. In addition, you may be able to deduct your tithes and other offerings from your income taxes, so it is beneficial to maintain a record of the money you give. Creating an Excel spreadsheet is one of the simplest ways of doing this.


Step 1

Launch Excel and begin working on a new spreadsheet. Begin by placing the following labels at the top of each column: "Week Ending," "Earnings," "Tithe" and "Offering." The following steps explain how to use each column; you may choose to omit certain columns, if desired.


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Step 2

Click cell "A2" -- the first cell below the "Week Ending" column. Starting from the beginning of the year, type the first date on which your work week ends. For example, type "1/7/2012" for the first Saturday of 2012 if your work week ends on Saturday. To begin recording in the middle of the year, type another date.


Step 3

Click cell "B2" and type the amount of money you earned during that week.

Step 4

Click cell "C2." Push the "=" key, click cell "B2" and type "*.1." The formula bar at the top of the window now reads as follows:



If you tithe a different percentage, modify the formula to reflect the percentage of your earnings that you donate as a tithe.


Step 5

Press "Enter." Cell "C2" now displays the amount of money to tithe during that week if you give 10 percent of your income to the church.


Step 6

Click cell "C2," and drag the square in the bottom right corner of the cell down to automatically insert the same formula in the rest of the spreadsheet's rows.

Step 7

Click cell "D2." If you gave an additional offering to the church that week, enter the value.

Step 8

Add future weeks to the spreadsheet by repeating the above steps.

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