How to Make Water Bottle Rockets With Eggs

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Try to make a water bottle rocket with eggs for your child's school project and dazzle everyone who watches. A water bottle rocket works basically on the same premise as regular rockets. Fuel, in this case water, is compressed and it propels the rocket to go on its way. The egg sits as a passenger and has to come down safely.


Step 1

Wear the helmet, goggles and gloves. Take the soda water bottles and cut one of them halfway through. That should leave you with a wide mouth bottle and a regular bottle. Now take the regular bottle and attach a cone shaped piece of cardboard that you can cut out, to the bottom of the bottle. This will become the nose of the rocket.


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Step 2

Attach the nose with some glue and two pieces of cello tape. The nose helps the rocket to fly ahead. Pour water about halfway through the full bottle with the cone, and attach the nozzle in the mouth so water does not leak out. Now the rocket part is ready to go.

Step 3

Cut some cardboard into the shape of fins and attach four to the bottle so they hang down over the mouth and extend about four inches. These fins also help your rocket to fly straight up and not veer away from its course.


Step 4

Take the garbage bag and cut a little hole in it on the top where it is closed. The hole should be in the middle. Now tie eight pieces of string to it on the side it is open to form a makeshift parachute. Then tie the strings to the basket which needs to be small enough to fit inside the cut bottle.



Step 5

Apply the foam cover on the egg and put it inside the basket. This will be your passenger. Now put the basket with the egg and the parachute attached in the half bottle and fit the cut end of the bottle under the mouth of the other bottle .Put a little glue just so it does not disengage in the flight up.


Step 6

Pressurize the top bottle with the nozzle with a hand pump and when it is fully done, open a little bit so the pressure escapes and takes your rocket up. When it reaches up, the change in direction should release the parachute, which should bring the egg down safely.



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