How to Mark the Checkbox in a Word Document

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The check box in Word is great for lists, surveys and any interactive style document. Inserting and enabling the checkbox makes it possible for the reader to mark the box when appropriate. You can build columns with check boxes for predetermined answers and create custom fields with checkbox settings for "Yes" and "No" answers. The feature is easy to use and is convenient for custom designed documents.


Insert Checkbox in Word

Adding a basic checkbox to Word documents is easy. The basic checkbox is best suited for documents that are print ready. This feature has no electronic check option where the user can simply click on the box when viewing to generate a check mark. In this scenario, they will either pencil in the mark on a physical copy or manually type an "X" to fill the space on their computer. To add the box, go to the bullet list icon in your top bar controls. Click the drop down arrow to view the options and select "Define New Bullet." This will generate a panel of symbol options. Click the box symbol and select "OK" to continue. Now create a bullet list and it will use the checkbox symbol rather than the traditional bullet.


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Electronic Checkbox Insertion

The interactive option allows the user to click the mouse in the box when a check mark is desired. To generate interactive boxes, go to your settings and click "Customize Ribbons_"_ then "Developer" and "OK." This will add a control bar with developer options. Select the "Legacy Tools" icon followed by the "Check Box_"_ form field to add an interactive box. Now you have an interactive box inserted into the document. You can also adjust the editing permissions so the viewer can only check the visible box.



Checking the Box

Checking the box from a viewer perspective in Microsoft Word is easy. You can print the document and manually use a pen or pencil to check the box. To add a check mark in Word, first attempt to click on the box. An interactive box will generate a click mark. If the box is not interactive, you will set the cursor on the box by clicking. With the cursor set inside the box, type an "X" on your keyboard to mark the box. Typing the mark does not always align perfectly but is typically sufficient for marking a manually set box within Word.




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