How to Move and Organize Apps on an iPhone

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Don't press the X on the corner of a jiggling app unless you want to delete it.
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At first, scrolling through your iPhone's screens to find apps is easy, but after you download all the apps that catch your eye, you may want to move the apps around or place them into folders to organize them. In iOS 7, apps stay in position until you activate them by putting them in "jiggle" mode. Then, you can move them and organize them in folders.


Changing App Positions

To move an app, press and hold it until all the apps start to jiggle. Press and hold the app again and drag it to wherever you want it to go. If you want to move an app between screens, drag it to the edge of its current screen and keep dragging until it switches screens. Go left to move to a previous screen; go right to move to the next one. Lift your finger to drop the app in place. When you're done, press the "Home" button at the bottom of your iPhone to save the changes. The apps stop jiggling.


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Organizing Apps in Folders

To create a folder, press and hold down an app until it jiggles. Pick two apps to go into the folder. Press and hold one and drag it on top of the other to put both apps into a new folder. Your iPhone suggests a folder name based on the apps you've included. To supply a name of your choosing, tap the X on the folder bar, type in a new name and press "Done" on the virtual keyboard. To save the folder, press the "Home" button at the bottom of the phone and press it again to return to the Home screen. You can move other apps into the folder by dragging them to it in jiggle mode. To remove apps from a folder, open it and press and hold down an app until it jiggles. Drag the app to the top or bottom of the screen to remove it from the folder and return it to the main screen.


Changing Apps on the Dock

At the bottom of your iPhone screen is a Dock area that is home to your Safari, Phone, Mail and Music apps. Apps in this area stay in place on all screens, but you can switch them with others. There are only four spaces available on the Dock, so you must remove one app before moving another into the space. To do this, press and hold any app until it jiggles. Hold the app you want to take off the Dock and drag it up to the screen. Drag the replacement app down to the Dock. Press the "Home" button to save the change.


Undoing App Moves

If you want to move an app back to its original position, just follow the same process you used to move it. To remove a folder, you move apps out of it using the jiggle method, and your iPhone automatically deletes the folder for you. If you mess things up and want to start over, you can reset the screen. Tap the "Settings" icon and choose "General" from the menu. Tap the "Reset" button and then "Reset Home Screen Layout" to return the Home screens to their original layout -- keep in mind that you'll lose folders and any wallpaper settings you've chosen if you take this route.


App Moving and Organization Tips

It's worth thinking about how you use your iPhone before you organize apps. Some people put apps that they regularly use around the edges or bottom of the screen for easy access; some prefer to put them in folders categorized by usage: games, work and health, for example. If you want to add a little fun to your folders, enable the Emoji keyboard on your iPhone and use emoticons as folder labels. You can also organize apps using iTunes on your computer. Connect your phone to your computer and select "iPhone" in iTunes. Click "Apps" at the top of the page. Activate the iPhone screen you want to work on by double clicking it. You can then drag apps around and create folders.