How to Move Pictures from Camera to Flash Drive With No Computer

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How to Move Pictures from Camera to Flash Drive With No Computer. Digital cameras and computers have revolutionized photography. Whether photography is your profession or a hobby, the ability to transfer your pictures from your camera to a flash drive without needing a computer is a bonus. Purchase a few accessible and inexpensive devices, or a full-featured tool, in order to quickly move your images to your flash drive and immediately continue taking pictures.


Step 1

Select a combination memory card reader and USB flash drive. There are various memory sizes available depending on the amount of pictures you need to transfer.

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Step 2

Consider a multi-card reader that accepts different types of memory cards. This will help you organize your pictures or come in handy if you have two types of digital cameras.


Step 3

Remove the memory card from your camera and place it in the appropriate slot in the card reader flash drive. Check that you are inserting the memory card correctly to avoid damaging the card or card reader.

Step 4

Allow the card reader to transfer the pictures from the memory card onto the flash drive before removing it. Disconnecting it before it is finished transferring will cause you to lose your images or corrupt the memory card.



Step 5

Replace the memory card in your digital camera and safely erase the pictures from the card. The flash drive will store your images and you have the ability to take more pictures.



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