How to Move Roboform Data to a New Computer

By Peter Thomas

Most modern operating systems automatically import all your old programs, apps and utilities when you upgrade to the latest sytem version or update to a new computer. You can move RoboForm's highly portable data files to a new computer to ensure you don't lose all your valuable form data, saved passwords and log-in credentials when upgrading your PC or laptop.

Step 1

Open the RoboForm menu in your Web browser. Click **Options** and then **User Data**.

Step 2

Click **Backup**. Select a portable device, such a floppy disk or USB drive and click **OK**. RoboForm backs up all of your data to this location but note that it erases all data in the target folder before it backs up the files.

Step 3

Insert the portable media with your backed up RoboForm settings on the new computer.

Step 4

Open the RoboForm menu in your browser. Select **Options**, **User Data** and then **Restore**.

Step 5

Select the portable device and navigate to the folder where you backed up your RoboForm data. Click **OK** to import the data to the new computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't see the information after updating your RoboForm data files, refresh RoboForm settings. Open the RoboForm menu and click "Profiles" followed by "Refresh Folder."

References & Resources