How to Move Roboform Data to a New Computer

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How to Move Roboform Data to a New Computer
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Most modern operating systems automatically import all your old programs, apps and utilities when you upgrade to the latest sytem version or update to a new computer. You can move RoboForm's highly portable data files to a new computer to ensure you don't lose all your valuable form data, saved passwords and log-in credentials when upgrading your PC or laptop.


Step 1

Open the RoboForm menu in your Web browser. Click Options and then User Data.

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Step 2

Click Backup. Select a portable device, such a floppy disk or USB drive and click OK. RoboForm backs up all of your data to this location but note that it erases all data in the target folder before it backs up the files.


Step 3

Insert the portable media with your backed up RoboForm settings on the new computer.

Step 4

Open the RoboForm menu in your browser. Select Options, User Data and then Restore.

Step 5

Select the portable device and navigate to the folder where you backed up your RoboForm data. Click OK to import the data to the new computer.


If you don't see the information after updating your RoboForm data files, refresh RoboForm settings. Open the RoboForm menu and click "Profiles" followed by "Refresh Folder."