How to Mute a Cell Phone

By Contributing Writer

Most manufacturers use common functions that are built into the phone to allow the user to mute and unmute it. Some phones are more complex to mute than other, and some do not have a mute function at all. If you are not sure if your phone has a mute function, then you will need to check with your phone manufacturer. If you are using a wired or bluetooth headset you most likely will have a mute function built in.

Step 1

Press the button that says "Option" or "Options." This button is usually one of the buttons under the LCD display.

Step 2

Select "Mute" once using the phone menu to mute your phone. Follow the same procedure to unmute your phone only this time select "Unmute."

Step 3

Press the button labeled "Mute" if your phone has this button. Press again to unmute.

Step 4

Slide the button on your headset piece if you have a wired headset to mute. Slide again to unmute. You must press and continue to hold the button in order for the phone to remain muted.

Step 5

Press the mute button on your bluetooth headset. Press again to unmute. Not all bluetooth headsets have this feature, and you will need to use the phone's mute function as explained in step 1.