How to Mute a Home Phone

By Megan Mattingly-Arthur

If you have a work-at-home job, having access to a mute feature on your home telephone is a necessity. Even if you don't work at home, there are plenty of occasions when muting your home phone is required. Whether you have noisy house guests, pets, live in a heavily trafficked urban area or are completing schooling courses over the telephone, learning how to mute your home phone has become essential for many.

Step 1

Examine your phone for a "Mute" button. Many manufacturers have a "Mute" switch, rather than a button, that is usually located on the bottom of the phone's base. If you don't find it there, look and feel around the sides to see if it is located elsewhere.

Step 2

Dig out the user's manual for your home phone. Instructions on how to mute your phone should be included among your home phone's other various features.

Step 3

Call the customer service line for your home phone's manufacturer to inquire about how to mute your home phone. Be sure to have your home phone's model number available so that the customer service representatives can better assist you.

Step 4

Call your local telephone service provider and ask whether it offers a # code for muting a home phone. Many telephone service providers offer this feature. Some providers offer the use of a # code for muting home phones free of charge; others charge a fee.

Step 5

Buy a telephone headset with a mute feature to plug into your home phone. If all else fails and it turns out that your home phone is not able to be muted on its own, you can purchase a telephone headset that will plug into your home phone. Telephone headsets are comfortable, suitable for those who spend a large amount of time on the telephone, and have easy-to-use mute switches.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your telephone service provider offers a muting feature with the use of a # code, be sure to ask whether the use of this feature will result in a per-use or monthly service fee.
  • It's possible to discover that your particular brand of home phone does not support a mute feature. Though most newer home phone models can be muted, many older model home phones cannot. In this case, you can buy a new home phone or purchase a telephone headset.