How to Open a DWG file

By Nick Peers

A DWG -- an abbreviation for "drawing" -- file contains vector image data for two-dimensional or three-dimensional computer-aided design drawings. DWG files are created by CAD programs such as AutoCAD, IntelliCAD or DraftSight. At the time of publication, a copy of AutoCAD 2016 costs $4,195 -- but you don't have to purchase any licenses to open DWG files. Autodesk provides two free utilities that open and view the drawings: DWG TrueView and AutoCAD 360 (online).

Opening DWG Files

Open the [Autodesk DWG Viewers]( page, click the **Download DWG TrueView** button and save the installer on your PC. Launch the program, click **File**, select **Open** and choose the DWG file you want to view.Open the [Autodesk AutoCAD 360]( page and log in to your account. Click the **+** button and upload the DWG file to the AutoCAD 360 servers; you can't open a file without uploading it first. If you access AutoCAD 360 from a mobile device, the DWG file must be stored on **Dropbox**, **Box** or **Egnyte**.Open the [Free DWG Viewer]( page, download the free utility and install it on your computer. Click **File**, select **Open** and choose a DWG file to view it.Download the [LX-Viewer]( utility from SourceForge and install it. Click **Open** and select the DWG file you want to display. The utility can print the drawings -- press **Ctrl-P** to print.