How to Open a Vizio Remote

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A remote control can change the television channel, volume and input settings.

A Vizio remote is a remote control designed to work with Vizio televisions and electronic products. Vizio manufactures individual remotes designed to be used only with the manufactured product, or an all-in-one remote that can be programmed to be used with up to four different Vizio products. The only part of a Vizio remote that can be opened is the battery compartment. The battery compartment should be opened to change and remove batteries.


Step 1

Flip the remote control over so the back side is facing upward.

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Step 2

Slide the battery housing unit cover downward. This will remove the cover.

Step 3

Remove the batteries. Insert new batteries, following the +/- marks on the battery housing unit.


Step 4

Place the cover at the bottom of remote. Slide upward until the cover is firmly and securely in place.

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