How to Open Up a Macbook

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Open your MacBook.

The MacBook is a line of laptops made by Apple. When you are upgrading the hardware, you need to get inside your MacBook. Apple promotes the MacBook's unibody design, which features a single piece bottom case rather than the typical laptop that has several compartments for devices such as the battery, memory and hard drive. When you remove the bottom case to add more memory or a new hard drive, you will notice a simple, compact interior that wastes little space.


Step 1

Shut down all applications and programs. Turn off your MacBook.

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Step 2

Unplug the device from its electrical source. Disconnect all devices such as your mouse and music player.

Step 3

Put the MacBook on a clean towel on a table. Flip it over so you are looking at its bottom.


Step 4

Find the coin slot and turn it clockwise with the edge of a coin. The battery will pop up. Lift it out of the laptop.


Step 5

Find the eight screws around the border of the MacBook. Unfasten these screws and note exactly where each is on the laptop.

Step 6

Lift the case off the laptop. View the inside of the MacBook.

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