How to Pair Cell Phones

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People pair (connect) mobile phones together for things such as music transfers, picture transfers and any other file transfers. Some people find that this is a much easier way to transfer information between phones without having to connect them together or use the PC as the platform to transfer the files from phone to phone. In addition to this, Bluetooth transfers are free and can be performed just about anywhere. Many of the newer phones are Bluetooth enabled.


Step 1

Make sure both phones are Bluetooth enabled or that they support Bluetooth adapters. In addition, both phones should be fully charged.

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Step 2

Turn both phones on and go into the Bluetooth section of the menu. Select "discover" mode and turn it on. Once the mode has been set to "on," the phones will automatically look for each other. When the signal to the phone has been picked up, the name of the phone or user name of the other phone will pull up. Select this device, then select the "pairing" or "affirmative" option.



Step 3

Dial in the passkey or password when you are prompted to. This number is usually a four-digit number. If you have not created one, the manual to your phone will give you a generic number that you can enter. This may be 0000. Dial this number into the other phone as well. The two will then connect.


In addition to sending pictures between phones while paired up, you can also send contact information from your phonebook, ringtones, MP3s, videos and more.

When you are not pairing your phones, make sure the Bluetooth is disabled or people who are not authorized will be able to access private data stored on your phone. It is also worth the time to actually program a special number as your passkey, rather than using the generic passkey or password, which may be the same for several other phone models, including your own.



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