How to Pass the Craigslist Phone Verification

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To prevent users from posting spam or ads that violate the platform's terms of service, Craigslist requires its members to verify their phone number before posting certain types of ads. You can pass the Craigslist phone verification by receiving a text message or an automated voice call on your phone. After creating a new ad and adding images to it, Craigslist may display a phone verification screen.


  • Craigslist requires you to have an American or Canadian phone number to perform the phone verification process.
  • You cannot use Skype numbers -- and some numbers similarly supplied by any other voice-over-IP application -- to pass the Craigslist phone verification process.

Step 1

Enter your Phone Number and select whether you want to receive a Text Message or an Automated Phone Call before clicking Send Verification Code. Wait for Craigslist to send you an SMS or call you.

Phone verification only applies to ads posted on the American and Canadian Craigslist regional sites.
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You can verify a landline number by selecting V**ia Voice** as the verification method.

Step 2

Enter the code you received in a text message or voice call and click Submit Verification Code to finish verifying your phone number.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of Craigslist


  • Click the Check Call Status button if it has been at least five minutes since you submitted your phone number and you still have not received a phone call or message from Craigslist.
  • Select Try Again to submit an alternate phone number or request a new call or SMS on the same number. You can try a new phone number every five minutes, with a maximum of three distinct numbers and three calls or text messages per account every 12 hours.