How to Pay a Cricket Phone Bill Online

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Pay your Cricket phone bill by your due date every month to avoid late fees.
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Cricket offers online payment for customers, through My Account and Quick Pay. Additionally, you have the choice to pay with either a credit card or Cricket Refill Card. Use these options to avoid long lines at the Cricket counter and having to wait on the phone. You can begin making online payments once you have registered on the Cricket website.


Paying With a Credit Card

Log in to Cricket by clicking My Account and entering your phone number, username and password. Click Payments and then the Credit Card tab. Enter the amount you want to pay in the text box. Next, enter your credit card information and check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions. Click Continue. Review your payment information and then click Submit to confirm the transaction.


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Paying With a Cricket Refill Card

Cricket Refill Cards are convenient if you do not have a credit card. To redeem one, click the Cricket Refill Card tab, enter the card number and click Validate. The amount of the card will appear. If your bill is more than this amount, add an additional card number and click Validate again. If you want to pay the remainder of your bill by credit card, do that in a separate transaction, following the credit card payment instructions. Click Continue and check that all information is correct. Click Submit to confirm payment.


Paying With Quick Pay

Cricket's Quick Pay feature simplifies bill payments. You don't have to log in or even have a Cricket account, so it is beneficial if you forget your password or are making a payment for someone else. Click Auto Pay at the top of the page and then select either the Credit Card or Cricket Refill Card tab. Enter the phone number and amount to pay. Enter the appropriate card information, click Continue and then Submit to complete the transaction.