How to Place Markers on Google Maps

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If you want to show people where you are, add a marker in Google Maps. Once you've placed the marker, you can create a custom link to share with friends or embed your map on a Web page. All you need is a free Google account.

Inserting a Location Marker

Type an address, GPS coordinates, landmark or business name in the Google Maps Search field and press Enter. This creates a red and black location marker on the map. Location markers aren't movable, so if you

Entering a business name puts a marker at its location.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.

Inserting Movable Markers

Scroll to the place you want to mark in Google Maps. Right-click on the location and from the drop-down menu select one of the following options:

  • Directions to Here: inserts a small bullseye.
  • Directions From Here: inserts a location marker on a bullseye.
  • What's Here: Inserts a small a round marker.
A What's Here? marker is placed just below the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.

Drag any of these markers to change their location. After selecting one of the directions markers, you can right-click any other place in the map and select Add Destination to add additional bullseye markers.

Note that if you choose both the Directions to Here and the Directions From Here markers, Google Maps charts a path between the two markers. Adding additional destinations creates detours to those destinations along the path.

The traveling time is displayed between two destinations.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.

Sharing a Map

Once you have marked a map, click the small Gear icon and select Share or Embed Map.

Click the Share tab to get a share link you can send in text or email messages. To get the embed code so you can paste the code in a website, blog or social media page, click the Embed tab. Note that you can change the map size to Small, Medium, Large or a Custom Size. Highlight the code and press Ctrl-C to copy it to your computer's clipboard.

Embed codes don't reveal previous saved places to others.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.

Markers for Web Developers

Anyone with a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript can use Google Maps API Resources to create a customized map for a Web page. These resources include the JavaScript and HTML code for adding basic location markers and advanced markers to the map. Depending on the map you want to create, this can simply be a matter of replacing the GPS coordinates in the sample code with the location you want marked.

Google's API code includes advanced markers like these flags.
Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Google.