How to Play a Video in PowerPoint Full Screen

By Andrew Meer

Configure PowerPoint videos to play in full-screen mode either when clicked upon or as soon as the slide begins.

When making presentations in PowerPoint, configure videos to play in full-screen mode via PowerPoint's video option controls. PowerPoint also lets you customize videos to play either when clicked upon or automatically at the beginning of a slide.

Step 1

Click on a video to select it within the slide. In the Video Tools section that appears, click Playback.

Step 2

Configure the video to play in full-screen mode.

Check the box next to Play Full Screen on the Video Options group. The video plays in full-screen mode when making the presentation.


Low-resolution videos can appear blurry and distorted when playing in full-screen mode.

Set the video to play automatically as soon as the slide starts.

Optional: Click the pull-down menu next to Start, and then select either On Click to play the video when clicked upon, or Automatically to play the video as soon as the slide starts. By default, this option is set to On Click.


Use the additional options present in the Video Options group to further configure a video's playback settings. Check Hide After Playing to hide the video on the slide after it finishes playing, or Loop Until Stopped to play the video continuously unless you manually stop it.