How to Play Media Through DirecTV Receivers

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DirecTV subscribers can stream media from a computer to the satellite receiver.

Select DirecTV receivers can do much more than capture satellite-television signals. An HD-DVR model, for example, can connect to a computer network and stream media files, such as music, videos and pictures, as long as the computer is running Windows Media Player.


Step 1

Connect the DirecTV receiver to the router. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the connection in the back of the router and the other end into the back of the receiver.

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Step 2

Select "Menu" on the receiver's remote.


Step 3

Click "Parental" > "Fav's" > "Setup."

Step 4

Go to "System Setup" > "Network Setup" > "Connect Now."

Step 5

Press "Continue" after you connect the receiver to the Internet. The message on the screen will read "Your receiver is connected to DIRECTV via the internet."


Step 6

Press "Done." The network setup process is complete.


Step 7

Go to the main menu from the DirecTV remote.

Step 8

Select "Music, Photos and More." The Media Share screen will appear.


Step 9

Select the type of media to stream: "Music," "Playlists," "Video" or "My Computers."

Step 10

Select the specific media file to stream. The media streams from the computer to the DirecTV receiver and onto your television screen.

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