How to Play Snake on YouTube

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In addition to watching millions of videos on YouTube, you can now play the classic game "Snake" on top of your favorite video. YouTube introduced the game in July 2010, shortly after the popular website started using a new layout. YouTube's version of "Snake" is no different than the classic game. Use the directional arrows to help a hungry "snake" eat tiny dots.


Step 1

Navigate to a YouTube video and click on it. Choose a video with a dark background to help you see the game better. Many YouTube users have designed and uploaded videos featuring black screens and music; these are specifically designed for playing "Snake."

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Step 2

Click on the video. Click it again to restart the video. While the video is playing, hold the left arrow key and press the up arrow key.


Step 3

Control the snake using the arrow keys; chase down the dots. Play until your snake hits the wall. Restart the game by pressing "left" and "up" again.




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